Established: 1908 Consecrated: June 1958


Sanctuary: The parish owns its permanent sanctuary, which is not the original one. The previous site was rented space from the Grace Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Church of Our Savior. In 1956 the church bought its current building from the Park Avenue Methodist Church.  

Visiting pastors (with no regular services), 1908-58; Visiting pastors (with regular services), 1958-64; Rev. Fr. Paren Avedikian, 1964-67; Visiting pastors (with regular services), 1968-77; Rev. Fr. Zenob Nalbandian, 1978-80; Visiting pastors (with regular services), 1980-84; Rev. Fr. Kegham Zakarian, 1985-2005, Visiting pastors (with regular services) 2006-2008
2009 -6/2013
, Fr. Taniel Karadjian
2013 - present, Fr. Mardiros Chevian