Construction/Renovation Updates

Church Renovation Update 2/8/2012

As part of the multi year/ multi phase renovations we have been undergoing, the Baptismal Room is getting a beautiful remodel. All the work and materials have been donated by Stephen Khanzadian. The renovation included building a new ceiling with accent lighting, upgraded electric and refurbishment of of baptismal font and base.

A fundraising opportunity will begin soon to pay for the wall paintings/fresco's and will help support the ongoing mission of our church. These paintings will be personalized for the person donating the gift and will be a permanent part of the church. We will be communicating more as we start this effort.

Here are some of the construction pictures of the New Baptismal Room.

Church Renovation Update 12/13/2011

           Roof replacement is complete!

Church Renovation Update 12/11/2011

Roof replacement will be completed this week. Pictures from last week:

Church Renovation Update 12/1/2011

Church Renovation Update 12/1/2011

The roof replacement has begun this week as scheduled.

Church Renovation Update 11/20/2011

Phase 4 of our project is about to get under way with the replacement of the roof shingles and deteriorated siding. Scheduled start for this is 11/28/11 and should be completed in a few days.

After the roof is completed we will install new gutters to prevent further erosion of the foundation and buttresses. We will wait until spring to paint the entire building when the weather is appropriate.

Church Renovation Update 11/13/2011

Phase 3 of our project is underway with the repair of the masonry and brick on the outside of the building. Years of weather have eroded the joints and broken the brick in many areas that required repair and or replacement. This was a necessary step before repainting the entire building which will take place next spring.

The roof is scheduled to be replaced in the next few weeks which represents the largest of the components in the project. After the roof is completed we will install new gutters to prevent further erosion of the foundation and buttresses.

Church Renovation Update 6/25/2011

Phase 2 of our renovation project is complete with the addition of support beams spanning the 2 dormers in the sanctuary. This was necessary to improve the structural integrity of the building and had to be completed prior to moving on to the next phase which includes removing and replacing the roof shingles. All design and work was specified by architects as recommended by the The New York Landmarks Conservancy ( ) which awarded St. Paul Armenian Church with grant monies to assist in the repairs of the building.

Next steps include replacing the roof shingles and installing new gutters followed by repainting the entire building. We hope to have those 2 projects completed by fall 2011. Then we will turn our attention to the inside of the building and improvements needed in: carpeting replacement, baptismal remodeling, chandellier electrical rewiring, basement/hall upgrade to include carpeting, ceiling tiles and improved lighting, bathroom improvements.

All these items and projects take considerable time, planning and money. We appreciate all who have contributed previously and in the future. We still need your support in all foms of time, talent and treasure to not only raise funds but to reduce expenses by volunteering your time to maintain our current building.

construction photos


Church Renovation Update 12/20/2010

If you have come to participate in Badarak you may have noticed over the past few months scaffolding in the sanctuary. This was to allow access to the dormer area for inspection. As part of the total roof replacement project we have been taking a step by step approach to make proper improvement and repairs to our 100+ year old building. This includes repairs to our dormers (upper window area) (this will cost $10K - $20K) before we can actually replace the roof (cost = $30K.) We hope to accomplish this during the winter months in preparation of replacing the roof in the spring. As you have most likely noticed we have replaced the pews for worship these next few months but will need to take them out again for work.

As part of the funding we have been running an ongoing campaign to raise funds for the physical repairs of our church to include: roof replacement, dormer repair, rain gutter replacement, painting, tree removal and then we will move our attention to the renovation of the interior areas including the basement or church hall. Sources of funding include general donations, the big car raffle and matching grant monies secured by establishing St. Paul Armenian Church as a National Historic Landmark.

We thank all of our parishioners and other financial supporters in assisting us to keep our physical building a viable center of Armenian religion, culture and fellowship. Without your continued support we would not be able to do this.

Fall exterior improvement  1/21/11

As part of the overall improvements under our multi year project, we had the large trees onthe property removed. One large Locust on Park Street was doing actual damage to the building structure and had to be removed. Multiple trees in our green space had become overgrown and were of no real aesthetic value.